Air conditioning / heat pump

Tell us your needs, our professionals will advise you on the most profitable and comfortable air conditioning option for your home or business, in a free visit without obligation.

We meet the highest safety and quality standards in all our air conditioning installations. Offering our clients the peace of mind of work performed by duly accredited professionals.

The air conditioning solutions that we install from Rafalux are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels in the market, emphasizing innovative technologies, such as Inverter and heat recovery, to benefit our customers with a comprehensive solution that maximizes the profitability of their investment.

Air conditioning with heat pump

We have solutions adaptable to each space, trying to combine an ideal harmony with the device to be installed.

We specialize in:

  • Sale and installation of ducted and split air conditioners.
  • Fabrication and assembly of fiber ducts.
  • Air Zone system for independent air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning of premises open to the public.
  • Change of location of the air conditioning equipment.

We believe that climate control should be simple, intuitive and energy efficient. Whether you are looking for a solution for your home or business, we offer several systems that will help you control the climate in the simplest and most efficient way.


In Rafalux we are experts in aerothermal installations. If you are thinking about this type of energy to air-condition your home, our consultants will answer all your questions. Be part of the large group of people switching to the benefits of renewable energies!

What is aerothermal energy?

Aerothermal energy extracts the energy contained in the air around us. For this purpose, a heat pump is used, which is a thermal machine capable of pumping heat from a cold source to a hot one. In the case of aerothermal heat pumps, they extract heat from the natural environment (outside air) through the evaporator and transfer it to the interior of a building or to industrial processes through the condenser. In this way we obtain an energy source that respects our environment.

Some of our aerothermal services:

  • Sanitary hot water
  • Underfloor heating or thermal emitters.
  • High efficiency air conditioning system, VRV with heat recovery.

Benefits of Aerothermal Energy

More and more people are deciding to install an aerothermal system, we talk about its benefits, in addition to the already known economic savings:

“The energy that is not consumed is stored for later use.
“The equipment needed is practical and requires little maintenance.
“Environmental quality, sustainability and responsibility to the planet.
“For an experienced professional, installation is simple.
“Independence from the common power grid is achieved.

Underfloor heating

The installation of underfloor heating in a house is one of the best choices when installing heating systems. Its energy efficiency and high performance place it in the first position for energy savings.

From Rafalux we make radiant floor installations with the necessary components and specialized professionals for every need.

Underfloor heating
With the arrival of low temperatures, home heating systems start to work. An indispensable necessity in many households that means a considerable increase in the bills to be paid.

For this reason, and the existence of European regulations that push for more environmentally friendly and energy efficient options, underfloor heating is gaining popularity in many homes. However, since its installation has a certain technical complexity, it is necessary to let a professional or a company specialized in underfloor heating such as Rafalux take care of it.

Projects for new housing construction

The design of the air conditioning system begins with the plans of the place to be air conditioned, followed by the sizing to calculate the cooling capacity of the equipment.

Advised by the main manufacturers in the market, at Rafalux we take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about anything, applying optimal and efficient tools for energy saving, complying with all the standards for sustainable constructions, in order to obtain the best conditions of comfort and energy and economic savings.


Repairs and maintenance

An air conditioning repair requires a professional and detailed diagnosis. We are professional air conditioning repairmen, and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful repair.

If what you are looking for is industrial air conditioning repair, we can repair any malfunction to get you up and running as soon as possible. We know how important a good air conditioning system is for large customers such as hotels, that’s why we provide a powerful and high quality industrial air conditioning repair service. We have experience with hotels and large retail stores.

We offer services of:

  • Repair of air conditioners that won’t turn on, won’t cool or won’t heat.
  • Search and repair of gas leaks.
  • Repair of water leaks due to system drainage problems.
  • Review and diagnosis of systems with low performance.

To prevent breakdowns and thus avoid having to make a repair, as a technical service we suggest an annual maintenance of the air conditioner. Routine maintenance, recommended annually, is important for the health and longevity of air conditioners.

Our technical service will carry out the necessary annual maintenance: replacement of filters, gas charging, cleaning and revision of parts, etc. Don’t forget to schedule a good air conditioning maintenance service!

We offer customized air conditioning overhaul services for all types of air conditioners. Whether it is a one-time service or an annual contract. We recommend maintenance for all commercial uses of air conditioning systems to minimize breakdowns and increase energy efficiency.

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