Electrical installations

In Electrificaciones Rafalux we want to be your reliable electrician, from putting a lamp to the most complex work.

We know how important it is for you the correct operation and good maintenance of your electrical installation, it depends on it to ensure the power supply and reduce the likelihood of failure, whether in your home, business, or community of neighbors.

For this reason in Rafalux we offer you a technical solution for any type of situation, whether it is the complete reform of your electrical installation, power extensions, voltage changes or updating and improvement in obsolete installations.

We develop from the budget and initial study, to the execution and subsequent monitoring and maintenance of the installations carried out.

We specialize in:

  • Electrical installations in general, residential and industrial.
  • Grounding networks.
  • Installation or replacement of electrical connections and individual derivations.
  • Installation or renovation of electrical panels.
  • Voltage changeover, three-phase-single-phase.
  • Provisional works.
  • Temporary facilities for events.

Electrician Manilva

In Rafalux we also take care of special electrical installations to cover all the requirements of your electrical project, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We know the importance of offering the best service, and that is why we strive to meet all the needs of our customers.

The main special electrical installations we cover are:

  • Network, voice and data installations.
  • Telephony and public address systems.
  • Fire detection installations.
  • Electrical installations of control systems.

Tell us your needs, and our professionals will advise you on the most cost-effective and efficient options for your home or business, in a free, no-obligation visit.

electrical installations

Electrical repairs

In Rafalux we are aware that nothing is forever, but when you have a breakdown, we will look for the best solution for the problem so that it does not happen again.

Our experts have the necessary experience and means to identify any type of problem and propose the best option to solve it.

We always try to give you a personal, close and professional treatment. We want you to always understand the work we are doing and the purpose of it. Each problem is unique and different, we always do our best to repair it in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

The most common repair notices we handle are:
– Sockets or switches that do not work.
– The differential jumps for no apparent reason or when I am not at home.
– In the kitchen or bathroom I receive electric shocks.
– Replacement of fuses in the general protection box (CGP).
– Power outages in private overhead and underground lines.

Projects for new housing construction

The electrical design of a building or house is divided into many topics, such as calculations, wiring, regulations, etc., therefore, the person in charge of doing it must have not only the competence, but also the necessary experience to execute it.

We specialize in residential electricity, in homes and in communities of neighbors. We can carry out the electrical installation of a house or villa, or of new buildings. Our electricians carry out the projects from start to finish, being your best tool when developing the idea you have of your house.

New housing projects
We advise you at all times and advise you on the features you can enjoy and the best options in terms of quality, price and performance. With Rafalux you choose what you want to invest and we adapt to your budget.

Electrical bulletins

Although many people do not know it, the electrical installations of the houses have a document that ensures that everything is in order. This is the electronic bulletin or Certificate of Electrical Installation (CIE).

The electrical bulletin is a mandatory document in all houses, whether new or second-hand. It serves to certify that the electrical installation is in good condition and complies with all technical requirements. Like other inspections, it is an essential system to ensure that electrical installations do not pose any danger and are totally safe.

Bulletin (CIE)
When do we need the newsletter in electronic format?
Normally it is the distribution company that will ask for the bulletin, and it will do it through the marketing company (for example, Endesa). Remember that the supplier is the company with which you have the electricity contract and is the one that issues the bills. The distributor, on the other hand, is the company that takes care of the supply, meters, breakdowns, etc.

These are the 4 most frequent situations in which you will need the ICD:
New electricity: For example, if you move into a newly built house.
Contracting more power: If you need to increase the power, you will only be able to increase it up to the maximum limit certified by your electric bulletin. If you still need to contract more, you will need a new CIE certifying that it is safe to reach that value.
Your newsletter was issued more than 20 years ago. and you need to make a change in your contract: although the electric bulletin does not expire, it may be necessary to review it if these two circumstances occur at the same time (more than 20 years have passed and you request some changes in your contract). For this reason, when buying a second-hand home, it is important that the seller provides you with the electrical bulletin or C.I.E. (Spanish acronym).
Technical modifications: This is the case if you want to change your installation from single-phase to three-phase, or in case of commercial use if there has been a change of economic activity.

The request for a new electrical bulletin always involves a cost, but an exact price cannot be given because it depends on the type of installation you have, and the elements that need to be updated in the installation. Call us, and one of our professionals will answer all your questions in a free, no-obligation visit.

Bulletin (CIE)

Reforms and extension of the electrical installation

Rafalux has a great experience in the assembly of different types of electrical installations, as well as their reforms and extensions.

Electrical maintenance

We have specific and professional programs for the calculation and design of the installations as well as for the elaboration of the corresponding electrical diagrams and the development of any type of project.

We are here to help you

In Electrificaciones Rafalux, S.L. we have very clear our philosophy, which can be summarized in one sentence:

“To provide our customers with the quality that ensures the maximum guarantee of service at the minimum cost.”

Consult us without obligation.