Lighting Projects

Any interior design project must take lighting into account. This element has the power to completely change any space. Therefore, counting on the help of professionals such as Rafalux technicians is the best way to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Rafalux’s technical team works with the utmost enthusiasm in all lighting projects, whatever the size of the project, to achieve the best results. Motivation and proximity are its hallmarks.

Our team will be in charge of advising you throughout the whole process of the lighting project, from design to completion.

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If you want your interior design to be a success, it is important to consider the factors that influence a lighting project. These are the detailed phases and some of the factors that cannot be overlooked.

Planning of lighting points

A must-do step in your lighting project is to plan and determine the number and location of light points in the space you are designing or renovating.

Based on the scenes we want to create, the utility of the room or the activities that take place in the space, a distribution of light points will be decided. Any good lighting project must take into account this first step to avoid possible technical and aesthetic errors in the future. We will illuminate only where necessary. Each space has a specific lighting need and should not be over-lit.

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Type of lighting

Whether you want brightly lit areas or areas with softer lighting, it is important to choose the right type of lighting to use for your lighting project. For this we will take into account elements such as the furniture, the usefulness of the area and the square meters you want to illuminate, as well as the type of light you want to achieve in each space:

With accent lights you can highlight the areas you like the most as a complement to the general lighting, a perfect lighting to create atmosphere and highlight shapes and colors.
In areas where you need to generate a homogeneous light to perform basic and functional tasks, the ideal is to bet on general ambient lighting.
In work areas, focused light and a cooler color temperature will produce an atmosphere of concentration and work that is perfect for offices.

In any case, we will advise you on the lighting points you will need for each type of light.


Quality luminaires

Having quality luminaires will not only give you better results in your lighting project, it will also avoid technical failures that can ruin all your work.

Rafalux’s project team always chooses the best luminaires in the market, with the best manufacturers in quality and innovation.

We use luminaires with quality and durable materials, since the time they remain intact will depend on it.

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Efficient lamps

The use of efficient lamps is essential, as they do not emit or receive heat, which means that the appliances last much longer. They also reduce energy consumption and the impact on the environment.

While traditional lights have a life of 1,200 hours, efficient lamps can last from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, so it is not only a question of greater energy efficiency, but also a great saving of money and materials.

Contact us without obligation, we can give you advice, and most importantly, a technical and after-sales service that will give you peace of mind knowing that your lighting project will be as you designed it.

Your project is also our project, contact us!

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