Solar panels for self-consumption

Rafalux starts to develop turnkey projects of photovoltaic self-consumption, as a result of the will to offer and bring to the customer energy saving and efficiency systems, both residential and industrial, as well as self-sustainable solutions of electrification.

We are experts in the installation of intelligent systems of photovoltaic self-consumption, aerothermal and air conditioning. Our customers save up to 70% on their electricity bill.

Switch to self-consumption and produce your own solar energy with the installation of solar panels in your home, business or community of owners, all legally and without taxes.

Request a free and non-binding study of your plant

The study and calculation of the solar photovoltaic installation is very important, since the result of the project depends on it.

  • Our team of professionals with extensive experience will perform a simulation of the installation on your roof, in which you will know the efficiency of all possible options, and what type of panel maximizes production in your home or business.
  • We look for innovation as a way to always offer the best solution. We will analyze the photovoltaic installation that best suits you in terms of profitability so that you can amortize the investment in the shortest possible time.
  • You will have the flexibility to choose between several brands, both inverters and solar panels, to offer you the best price with the maximum possible guarantee.
  • Each installation is unique, we will study what kind of improvements can be useful for you: hybrid inverter (with the possibility of adding a battery in the future), high efficiency solar panels with a better guarantee, optimizers to reduce the effect of shadows, etc.

solar panels

Thanks to the experience acquired as a partner company of Endesa Energía, our work does not end with the installation. We will continue to be at your side to recommend which tariff or which supplier is the most convenient for you at all times, so that you can optimize your solar photovoltaic installation throughout its useful life.

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Photovoltaic Energy Easy and uncomplicated

We do it all, so you don’t have to do anything.

Step 1 – Calculation of system consumption

Since we are a partner company of Endesa Energía, we have access to all your consumption data at any point of supply. Based on your consumption record for the last year and any additional consumption you may have in the future, we will determine the target production you want to cover.

Step 2 – Efficiency analysis

With our advanced radiation simulation program, we will make a study of the possible areas of installation of the panels, knowing in advance the incident solar radiation that is produced on each surface (hour by hour), recommending the most efficient ones.

Step 3 – Profitability and Amortization Study

Taking into account your electricity price (hour by hour) in your current tariff, and the different options offered by the market with the new solar tariffs, we will simulate the different possible scenarios, with or without surplus, so that you have a real calculation of the amortization of the photovoltaic installation.

Step 4 – Proposals for improvements

Finally, we will study all possible improvement measures or special features that could be adapted to your project, such as high-performance solar panels, hybrid inverters, shade optimizers, etc.

Step 5 – Installation and Legalization of the solar installation

We carry out the design, installation and commissioning in a quick and easy way and with the best finishes so that everything is perfect. We provide you with a technical report of the installation together with the user’s manuals and recommendations.

installation of solar panels
Step 6 – Follow-up and study after the solar installation.

We monitor your consumption during the first months in order to optimize the systems according to your usage, or recommend changes in your consumption habits if necessary.

Step 7 – After-sales and maintenance service

Finally, and optionally, we can offer you an annual maintenance service for your system. Always knowing that you will have us at your side for any incident or doubt that may arise, with the best possible customer service.

Subsidies for photovoltaic installation:

There are currently different types of subsidies that you can apply for with your new photovoltaic installation. We will take care of managing and advising you on everything, so that you can obtain all possible deductions in your project.

Personal income tax deductions when installing solar panels (Hacienda)

This IRPF deduction will be applicable when it results in an improvement in the energy efficiency of the home. For practical purposes, it implies subtracting from the tax payable in the tax return to be filed in the year following the installation, a portion of the investment made in the work.

The deduction percentage is 40% and the maximum base on which it is applied is 7,500 euros.

Incentives for self-consumption and other solar installations (Autonomous Government of Andalusia)

The reference body in Andalusia for self-consumption is the Andalusian Energy Agency (Agencia Andaluza de la Energía). In addition to the subsidies approved by the Junta de Andalucía in May 2021, the Next Generation European aid package is also coming to the region.
This European Union aid package has a state character, but is managed by the autonomous communities.

The Next Generation Grants for Andalusia are:

  • For installations of less than 10 kWp: 600 € per kWp of installation, and about 490 € per kWh in solar batteries.
  • For installations of more than 10 kWp: in the range of 300 € to 450 € per kWp installed.

Although this aid package has already exhausted its budget, new calls for European aid will be announced soon, given the overwhelming success of this first round of financing for self-consumption throughout Spain.

IBI rebates for the installation of solar panels (Municipalities)

There are tax benefits with which municipalities and provinces can facilitate the installation of photovoltaic energy systems, through municipal regulations that incorporate rebates in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and/or the Tax on Installations, Construction and Works (ICIO).

This regulation makes it possible for municipalities to grant bonuses to those who install systems for the thermal or electrical use of energy from the sun, and these bonuses can reach up to 50% of the full amount of IBI.

The percentage of reduction, as well as the duration of the aid changes depending on the municipality. However, the average is usually between 3 and 5 years, with a 50% reduction.

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