Rafalux possesses official license of Telecommunications Installers with registration number before the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism number 12463.

We are committed to the development of telecommunications installations with the least visual impact and that allow our customers access to telecommunications systems at the forefront of the telecommunications field.


Our company is aware of the vital importance of communications for the productivity of our customers, that is why hundreds of companies have entrusted the quality of their communications to our company.

TV Homeowners’ associations

A collective antenna is a common telecommunication infrastructure in the community of owners. It allows the input of signals and transmits them to the distribution installation to homes and premises of the building.

We analyze in a personalized way each project or budget to design, configure and install the ideal structure to ensure that the signal is correctly received in any collective DTT antenna socket.

Our experience allows us to perform installations in small and large communities of neighbors. Installations that are perfectly adapted to the reception of new local and national DTT stations.

If you have problems with the reception of DTT in the collective antenna of your community of neighbors call us, from Rafalux we will help you to enjoy the new era of digital television.

Satellite TV and satellite dishes

Satellite channel reception allows you to choose from a wide variety of international television and radio stations, logically in their original language.

Whether you live in a community of neighbors or in a single-family home, we will study your needs and design a customized, top-quality installation. Your TV will become the true entertainment center of your home.

satellite tv

To watch satellite TV we will need a TV receiver. We are talking about a device that allows us to receive and modify the signal we get from a satellite through a satellite dish on our television. In this way we can see all the channels that broadcast through the satellite to which we have oriented the antenna, being the most common Astra, Hispassat, HotBird and Turksat.

In order to be able to watch satellite television, it is important to have four elements:

  • Parabolic antenna: it is in charge of receiving the signal emitted by the satellite, so the closer we place it to the television, the better the image quality it can emit. The size of this antenna and its orientation varies depending on the location where it is installed. To avoid interference with other obstacles, they are usually placed outdoors.
  • Satellite TV decoder: it connects via HDMI to the TV, allowing to receive an image quality up to 1080p, being useful for both free-to-air and pay TV broadcasts.
  • Television: where we want to see the image that we will receive through the antenna and that will be emitted by the receiver that we have connected.

In this way, the antenna will be in charge of picking up the signal coming from the satellite and sending it to the receiver. The receiver decodes the signal, converts it to digital format and sends it to our TV set.

The advantages of using a satellite TV receiver are:

  • It provides a wide range of quality TV channels from all over the world.
  • The signal can be received in Full HD and 4K quality.
  • It has fast response time when changing channels.
  • It can be used in any clear location, even in rural areas.
  • They allow connection to the Internet.
  • They can record television programs.
  • They allow you to watch the channels on your cell phone or tablet.
  • They support multimedia files.

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