What is Domotics?

The term home automation refers to the set of technologies that allow the automation and intelligent control of the home. Smart homes use home automation systems primarily for energy savings, but also to increase the quality of life, allow greater versatility in the layout of the house and make the home more functional and multifaceted.

Architectural trends and cutting-edge technologies come together to create custom designs that allow you to control lighting, thermostats, security, locks and home entertainment from the convenience of a small control panel. The home automation system can be conveniently controlled from a tablet, computer or cell phone. In this way it is possible to program different scenarios with various parameters, control household tasks remotely and even program them automatically.

home automation Manilva

Home automation applications

If you are interested in carrying out a reform and transform your property into a smart home, these are some of the utilities that Rafalux can implement in your home:

Complete management and control for any building

At the touch of a button, you can achieve comfortable climate control, lighting with the right intensity in each room, control all the blinds or manage the multimedia system.

A system that adapts to your routines with configurable timers and receives notifications of gas, smoke or flood technical alarms. Monitor water, gas or electricity consumption centrally and save much more.

home automation systems

Much more than a thermostat

Capacitive panels are much more than thermostats for climate control. They have great functionalities and are designed for you to fully enjoy your day-to-day life. Whichever option you choose, you can achieve the perfect ambiance thanks to the multiple actions you can perform: create lighting scenes, control the climate and blinds, play music from your own smartphone, etc.


Home sweet home… in your hands and under control

If there is one thing that gives us peace of mind, it is knowing that we have everything under control. The peace of mind of knowing that you have control of your home in your hands, wherever you are. This is possible thanks to remote control applications, which allow us to control and monitor any element of our installation from anywhere in the world.

Domotica app

Infinite combinations

The perfect quality of the glass and all the customization possibilities. Combine them as you wish with the family of mechanisms for 55×55 frames, achieving an elegant flush finish.

Choose the minimalism of the standard designs or design a unique, fully customizable push button with the elegance and quality of the glass finish with backlit icons.

home automation combinations

Wall motion detector

Activate the functions you want just by moving thanks to the wall-mounted motion sensor with 180º detection. Combine it with pushbuttons and mechanisms as you prefer and it will be discreetly integrated in any environment.

ambient intelligence

Video door entry

The video door entry solution is ideal for any type of building, from single-family homes to housing developments, student residences, hotels or offices. Adapt it to the needs of the building thanks to its modular structure. Fully integrated with the screens of the home automation system.

video intercom

Receiving calls wherever you are

Receive calls on your phone anytime, anywhere. You will be able to view the call without having to answer it and allow access to people you trust.

call reception

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